Wuzhu Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading high-end PCB enterprise in China, with three production bases in Dongguan, Meizhou and Jiangxi, six PCB business groups and domestic and international marketing systems, with more than 6000 employees. It mainly produces high-level, HDI, FPC circuit boards, which are widely used in communication equipment, smart phones, computers, medical machinery, automotive electronics, aviation and military equipment and other fields. Five science and technology shares have been rated as national "high-tech enterprises", "excellent national brand enterprises" and so on.

Thank you very much for your attention. This platform is a platform for five companies to seek common development with their suppliers. Adhering to the strategic cooperation policy of "sharing with the world", five companies hope to share knowledge and technology, products and services with all suppliers in the world, a win-win situation for development and a brilliant future together.

Wuzhu is determined to become the most competitive PCB service provider in the world. We know that the realization of the company's vision is inseparable from your support, understanding and supervision. We sincerely hope to get your most creative products and all-round services, and fully support the product development and market development of five strains at home and abroad.